Welcome to Let’s Go Road Trippin!

I love to travel and see the not so normal places. I want to encourage people to “Just Explore It”.  No matter if it is as close as your neighborhood, or on the other side of the world, Just Explore It.  I use the #JustExploreIt hashtag in an effort to create a movement of sorts to get people to get out of their comfort zones, and get out to see what the world has to offer.

My favorite way to travel is a road trip, but I do more than just that!  Exploring everything the world has to offer.  Even though I do visit many of the popular places, I particularly like those odd little places that not many people know about.

My curiosity gets the better of me, and I go and explore something that is not well known.  My friend, Neal, and I even went to a place where they manufacture many of the fiberglass sculptures you see on those odd roadside stops.

I make videos of my travels, some on tips, and maybe a review here and there.


Let's Go Road Trippin'
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Let's Go Road Trippin'
Let's Go Road Trippin'
I loved the Jayco Units I drove. This would be a great ride for anyone!

Moody Photographs by Jan Erik Waider Capture the Rocky Terrain of Icelandic Landscapes by Grace Ebert via Colossal https://t.co/jmxpqYdwA8

Neural Networks Create a Disturbing Record of Natural History in AI-Generated Illustrations by Sofia Crespo by Grace Ebert via Colossal https://t.co/5tncGs9hOz

A Shark Swimming in a Heart-Shaped School of Salmon Tops 2020 Drone Photography Contest by Grace Ebert via Colossal https://t.co/1MCib1BiCt

An Intricate Lace Mural Envelops the Facade of a French Fashion Museum by Grace Ebert via Colossal https://t.co/icJfxikS1Q

Affected by a Central Force, Dancers Perform Implausible Bends on a Perpetually Spinning Stage by Grace Ebert via Colossal https://t.co/cUV9SSsE5R

Download Hundreds of Frames from Studio Ghibli Animations for Video-Chat Backgrounds for Free by Grace Ebert via Colossal https://t.co/cUykoDwE95