I do this all for you, the viewer, the fan, the reader, the one who comments, the haters, the ones who don’t comment.

I have been working hard on Let’s Go Road Trippin.  From a complete overhaul of the website, to creating better videos.  I want to give you inspiration to help you out.  To maybe show you something you didn’t know existed.But, WHY do I do this?  

In my early 20s I had a job that allowed me to travel all over the US, but then I needed to “grow up” and be responsible.  It sucked, and I didn’t travel for almost 15 years!  Such a waste of my life.  I don’t want that to happen to you.

Traveling benefits you AND society.  If everyone traveled and experienced other cultures and people with different backgrounds, different opinions, the world would suck a little less.

Traveling teaches people how to interact with each other, as long as everyone puts their phones down and has a real conversation. Did you know that there are studies that show younger people have social problems BECAUSE they have always had a screen to distract them?  Google it, see what you find.

I grew up long before cell phones and pagers.  I grew up where my friends and I rode bikes all over town (and I wasn’t supposed to leave the neighborhood :)).  We used to play “truck driver” and pretend we were driving big rigs.  You know how to pretend?  Nowadays younger people don’t pretend, and it can actually hinder their imagination and problem solving.

These are REAL issues!

Help me out by inspiring others to “Just Explore It”.  Get out, see what is out there.  Whether it is as small as your neighborhood, or as big as the world.  Just Explore It.

I have garnered a new focus to make videos about exploring what is around us, and what is in the world.  The Facebook page, the YouTube Channel, this website, all of them are focused on helping people put down their screens, even if it just for a little bit, so they can experience the world, and maybe even be better people.

Here is my new YouTube Channel Trailer, where I show this same concept of my renewed focus.  I hope you all have a great day, thanks for your attention.

Safe Travels!


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