I have traveled in every state in the US, except Hawaii, almost all of the provinces and territories of Canada, been to China, and Thailand. But, where is my favorite place to go? How can I possibly pick one out of all of those places!?!

I love to explore everywhere I go. I enjoy finding the weird, the strange, the odd wherever I go. The odder the better. Seeing those sites like “The largest ball of Twine”, or “tallest Paul Bunyan Sculpture” is fun to me. Places where most people don’t go see because they think it is stupid, or insignificant.

I also go to the “touristy” places like Empire State Building, Statue of Liberty, Rockefeller Center, Great Wall of China, Sleeping Buddha, and the Hollywood Bowl. Those are interesting, but usually there are too many people to really get a good experience. Have you been to those places when they are so crowded you really don’t enjoy it? I have, and I hate it.

By now, you are probably screaming at me about where my favorite place is. It is simple, it is where I have not been before. I have to keep exploring, I have to keep finding those strange little places in the world.

I want to go to Europe and go to places the tourists don’t go to, or wouldn’t want to go. I want to go to Antarctica, even though I wouldn’t be allowed to explore on my own. If I did, who knows if I would make it home or not. I have not been to Africa, Central America, South America, or even Hawaii!

Check out this video that just says a little bit about it. It is also an update on where I am going with the YouTube Channel.

Where is your favorite place you have not been to?

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