Lets go road trippin. What does that actually mean? For me being tied to a 9 to 5, it means being able to drop the work world and embrace the unknown. Sometimes we can just pick a destination and if we observe something that looks fun to explore, we do it. And so can you! Or better yet stop for gas or a healthy lunch i.e. burger and fries, and ask someone what is there to do around here, or what is going on this weekend? You will be amazed what you will find.

Follow us as we do just that. Explore our world.  It comes down to either spending your time and money to accumulate things, or spend your time and money on experiences. Until recently I was the former but as I grow older, I am understanding that the value of experiences far outweigh material things.

Visit any retirement facility and talk with the residents. You will find that conversations will revolve around experiences, travel, and relationships not the house they owned or the furniture nor the wealth they accumulated. If you do not believe me spend a day volunteering at a place of our choice. They are always accepting of volunteers, and it is a nice way to spend a day and reflect on how lucky you are to have your youth. Which brings me to my next argument for exploring the world around you. We are all here for a limited time, lets use it to the fullest.

Until next time be well, be happy and just explore it!

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