Why do these odd sculptures exist?

Although I haven’t done any in-depth research on why these exist, I have a pretty good guess.  Of course, if you disagree, I am sure you will tell me in the comments below.

My theory is simple.  When the highway system was being created, and roads like Route 66 allowed people to travel longer distances, small businesses wanted to get those passerby’s attention.  And to do that, they figured they could break the monotony of driving by putting up some strange statue or sculpture to get people to stop and take a picture, and perhaps spend a little time at their place of business.

I am sure it worked in some cases, and I would love to know the overall success rate of them.

Where do they come from?

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I have traveled in every state in the US, except Hawaii, almost all of the provinces and territories of Canada, been to China, and Thailand. But, where is my favorite place to go? How can I possibly pick one out of all of those places!?!

I love to explore everywhere I go. I enjoy finding the weird, the strange, the odd wherever I go. The odder the better. Seeing those sites like “The largest ball of Twine”, or “tallest Paul Bunyan Sculpture” is fun to me. Places where most people don’t go see because they think it is stupid, or insignificant. Continue reading “My Favorite Place to Travel”

Writing is hard

It is always hard for me to get my words out.  Blogging is not the easiest for me.  A new friend told me that I should do video blogs instead.  It doesn’t take any more convincing than that!  I will begin with this video.  I lost a lot of sleep coming up with a format that I like.  I enjoy making videos, but don’t like being seen or heard on them.  I watch a lot of BuzzFeed videos (click 

herefor their YouTube Channel), and recently saw a travel video that was great without words or people.  I am combining those with After Effects to create a fun style of travel videos.  I have done similar, but nothing turned out quite as nice as this one.


I will be doing many more videos like this.  Keep an eye on this blog, or you can subscribe to the YouTube Channel



I hope you enjoy this quick video showcasing some of the Artwork of the Chicago Loop.