Enjoy the View

My wife, her sister, brother-in-law, and I were sitting having a light lunch at this little place with one of the best views of Pattaya, Thailand. I was looking around, enjoying just being there, looking at the view, and then I noticed something I have seen too many times. Do you see any problems in this picture?

How about these pictures?

You can see many people here at this wonderful spot just looking at their phones. Some are taking a picture and sharing it on social media, others are in some conversation with others. Sure, if it is business related, I can understand. But, I am sure that is a small percentage of these people, if any.

I see people here with friends, and everyone in the group is staring at their phones. It wasn’t just for a short time, either. It was for 30+ minutes for most of them. Why would you come here to spend time with friends and just stare at your screen?

Am I Too Old Fashioned?

I must be! When I come to a place like this, I like to take in the view, converse with my friends, my family, maybe even make a new friend sitting next to me. You never know who you might meet by talking to the people around you. Here is my group. We are talking, being social with each other in RL, not online.

I couldn’t get them to stop talking long enough to take a decent picture! Sure, I took some pictures to share online. We sat here for about 30-45 minutes, I took pictures for about 5 minutes of that. The rest of the time, I talked with my family, or I just enjoyed the view, while noticing that I was one of the few people doing it.

Not Just Here

This doesn’t just happen at this location. I notice it everywhere. When out in most public places, you will see it. Some places I give a pass to, mass transit, waiting in line, that type of thing. But, when you are with friends, especially at a beautiful spot, just PUT YOUR PHONE DOWN.

It will enhance your life to just breathe and take in what is around you. Be in the moment, experience it WITH your friends who are WITH YOU NOW. Even if you are by yourself, sure, take a few pictures, just make sure that you put down your phone and just appreciate the beauty of where you are. Take it in. The picture can be a reminder of the moment, don’t let the pictures define the moment.

Think of the last time you remembered being somewhere and just enjoyed the moment. Did you get a picture? Do you only remember taking pictures or do you remember how you felt, something special that happened. Maybe you didn’t get a picture, but, you still have the great memories.

Thanks for reading my rant. Please help spread the word to the younger generation and let them know, it isn’t about the picture or video, it is about the memories and emotions of the experience.

Until next time,
Safe Travels.


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