Photo via Pexels

Photo via Pexels

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According to CNBC, Americans are ready to return to holiday travel norms this year, with spikes expected in road trips and air travel. However, with airfares creeping up, road trips may lead the pack. And it makes sense, too. In general, taking a road trip versus flying is significantly less expensive, offers more flexibility, and can be an excellent way to make multiple stops while on vacation.

However, alongside the pros of hitting the road, there are arguably still health and safety considerations to keep in mind when traveling during the winter months. Aside from COVID-19, extreme weather conditions, fewer hours of daylight, and an increased risk of illness should all be thought of prior to leaving for your destination. Continue reading “Stay Safe On Your Holiday Road Trip With These Essential Tips”

The Stress-Free Guide to Road Trip Planning

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Have you been dreaming about taking the road trip of a lifetime? If you’re worried that it will be expensive and stressful, the resources on Let’s Go Road Trippin will prove that taking a road trip can be affordable and worry-free! Ready to begin making plans? You can get started with the helpful resources and tips outlined in this guide.


Plan Your Route


Wondering where to go? The following tools will help you plan out your route and ensure you arrive safely at each destination.

I have traveled in every state in the US, except Hawaii, almost all of the provinces and territories of Canada, been to China, and Thailand. But, where is my favorite place to go? How can I possibly pick one out of all of those places!?!

I love to explore everywhere I go. I enjoy finding the weird, the strange, the odd wherever I go. The odder the better. Seeing those sites like “The largest ball of Twine”, or “tallest Paul Bunyan Sculpture” is fun to me. Places where most people don’t go see because they think it is stupid, or insignificant. Continue reading “My Favorite Place to Travel”