Writing is hard

It is always hard for me to get my words out.  Blogging is not the easiest for me.  A new friend told me that I should do video blogs instead.  It doesn’t take any more convincing than that!  I will begin with this video.  I lost a lot of sleep coming up with a format that I like.  I enjoy making videos, but don’t like being seen or heard on them.  I watch a lot of BuzzFeed videos (click 

herefor their YouTube Channel), and recently saw a travel video that was great without words or people.  I am combining those with After Effects to create a fun style of travel videos.  I have done similar, but nothing turned out quite as nice as this one.


I will be doing many more videos like this.  Keep an eye on this blog, or you can subscribe to the YouTube Channel



I hope you enjoy this quick video showcasing some of the Artwork of the Chicago Loop.