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If you are feeling cooped-up and need to get out and about, you are not alone! By now, most of us are tired of the pandemic limitations, yet also wish to keep ourselves and our loved ones safe and healthy. Thankfully, there are ways to take a vacation in these challenging times while maintaining your budget — it just takes additional planning.


Staying in hotels may feel risky right now because of potential COVID-19 exposure. An RV, on the other hand, offers additional protection that can keep you and your family safe, which Let’s Go Road Trippin can attest to. Here’s what you need to plan a budget-friendly and safe adventure at this time.

Stock Up on Travel Accessories


Chances are good that you have a mask or two on hand, and probably some hand sanitizer, too. But traveling during COVID-19 means being extra prepared, so consider carrying a box of disposable masks in addition to cloth ones. An RV offers the benefit of storage, so it may be worth buying a bulk container of hand sanitizer that you can use to refill smaller containers, which adds up to huge savings down the line. Disposable and anti-viral wipes are also useful to have ready for wiping down surfaces and offering additional protection.


Along with safety implements, it will be practical to pack bottled water and healthy snacks to make your trip more enjoyable and comfortable. Shoot for well-balanced snacks that offer protein, carbs, and fiber so you stay healthy while you travel. But before you stock up on your essentials, look for Kohl’s coupons and promo codes to save on purchases.

Safe and Inexpensive Outdoor Adventures


As you plan your trip, think about budget-friendly destinations that allow outdoor adventures. Whether you rent an RV and travel in style or opt to pitch a tent, spending time outdoors is the safest way to enjoy yourself in the pandemic. There are great enrichment trips you and your family will love, such as visiting national parks and wandering through lush botanical gardens. Many campgrounds offer discounts for AAA members and veterans, so this could be another means of saving money during your vacation.


If you are interested in a goal-oriented adventure, you could opt to plan a vacation to see lighthouses along the coast or visit national monuments. Creating a travel game with family members or friends during a vacation is a great way to spice things up — look for famous landmarks along the way and make a friendly competition out of it. Journaling and taking photographs are fun yet inexpensive ways to pass the time between stops and document your vacation with the added bonus of being able to look back on it for years to come.

Staying Vigilant During Travels


Staying safe is vital these days, and by traveling in a COVID-safe way, you are more likely to have the peace of mind needed to enjoy your adventures. It can be easy to get complacent, so if you notice yourself or loved ones starting to backslide a bit on safety, be proactive and recommit to wearing masks, using hand sanitizer, and social distancing. As you travel, keep a checklist taped to the dashboard of your vehicle or RV to remind you of these simple yet essential actions. Ultimately, it won’t cost you a thing to follow them, and you will have more fun and priceless memories as a result.


Yes, you can travel in a safe and budget-friendly way during COVID-19 with careful planning, sufficient supplies, and the right mindset. Renting an RV is, by far, safer than staying in hotels and more cost-effective in more ways than one.


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