The Stress-Free Guide to Road Trip Planning

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Have you been dreaming about taking the road trip of a lifetime? If you’re worried that it will be expensive and stressful, the resources on Let’s Go Road Trippin will prove that taking a road trip can be affordable and worry-free! Ready to begin making plans? You can get started with the helpful resources and tips outlined in this guide.


Plan Your Route


Wondering where to go? The following tools will help you plan out your route and ensure you arrive safely at each destination.

  • Check out great destinations that won’t break the bank.
  • Plot a route that gets you from one stop to another without wasting gas.
  • These navigation apps will help you avoid getting lost on your journey!
  • Most importantly, plan to make some stops screen-free — putting your phone down for a while can help you be fully present in the place you’re visiting.


Pack Your Gear


What should you bring on your trip? Create your packing list by referencing these resources!


  • Create a small capsule wardrobe for easy packing. You can stop by thrift shops to pick up any basic pieces you need.
  • Bring screen protectors for your devices — this is much cheaper than paying to fix a broken screen in the middle of a trip!
  • Put together your toiletry bag, and make sure that you have everything you need to stay clean and fresh during your trip.
  • Keeping an emergency kit in your car will ensure that you’re prepared for anything – doing minor repairs on your own is cheaper than going to a mechanic.


Save Money


Make sure that every aspect of your trip is budget-friendly by following the tips in these guides.


  • If you plan to stay in hotels along the way, you can score the best deals on rooms with these travel hacks from Smarter Travel.
  • These tips will help you avoid overspending on gas.
  • Naturally, you’ll want to try great local restaurants, but you can also take steps to save money on food during your trip.


Taking a road trip is a fantastic way to see the country, meet friendly people, and challenge yourself to go beyond your comfort zone. But planning can be a headache! With these resources, you’ll be able to map out your trip easily while sticking to your budget.


Want to get off the beaten path during your road trip? Check out the resources on Let’s Go Road Trippin! Get in touch with your questions or comments through the contact page on our website.

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