Traveling is great.  Not everyone does it, but I feel everyone should.  Getting outside your own bubble is good for the soul.  Some people are content with staying in their own country.  People in the US are notorious for not leaving the US.  I encourage ALL people to travel to other countries.  It will open your mind.  With all that said, you might want to have some tips for traveling international, which is why I put this list together.

Traveling to Thailand and other countries has taught me a few things about international travel.  But, I also asked my fellow professional travelers to give me more tips about it.  I had to narrow down the long list to ONLY 9!


9) Pack light

Since I bring a lot of camera gear, I am not so great at this.  Many of my colleagues live by this rule, and they are traveling all over the place.  I have only been separated by my luggage one time, and luckily it was when I returned home.  That would not have happened if I just traveled light. Traveling with just carry-on luggage makes it easier to keep moving.  I am still figuring out how I can bring most of my camera gear and still pack light.  I guess not packing clothes is an option.


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